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FEB 26

Ok.........please let me know what to do to get our customers playing ? I don't think we have had any guesses yet ? LETS PLAY !!!!!!

FEB 24

Ok so clue #1 is....................this location is in Camino

FEB 20

Foothill Food Service this picture too difficult ? Let me know and I will post another for a clue.....I need your help......Lets get the game rolling....

FEB 18

Here is the first picture, be the first to come in and name the location and win your dozen eggs and pound of bacon !

FEB 18

Ok now that I have your attention, the location picture will be posted tomorrow !!!!! As we mentioned before you will have to come into the store to give your answer...and you have to be a cash and carry customer.....employees and their families will not be able to participate in this game. ARE YOU READY ?

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