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MAY 21

I have to apologize for not posting anything this week !!! :( You know that feeling when you are getting ready for vacation and your brain just isn't in work mode ?.........well there it is. Posting will resume next week...The store is OPEN... this is Darcie right now. Everybody have a great Memorial Weekend be safe and eat lots and most of all........don't forget to come shop at Foothill Foodservice !!!!! No really MOST important spend time with those you love !!!

MAY 16

Here it is Friday evening !!! Everybody have a great weekend and we will see you Monday for your beginning of the week shopping !! Don't forget that the following weekend is Memorial weekend so don't forget to come in to get all you need for your long weekend of feasting !!!!

MAY 14

How do you all think about a riddle for the next game or something of that sort ? Our El Dorado County people are tooo smart for our pictures !!

MAY 13

And here is the winner !!! Josh Hogan with his kids Natalie, Ashlynn & Josh. They have very fond memories of this wonderful place ! Thank you !! And congrats !

MAY 13

Ok here we go !!!! Be the first to come in and name this location !!! You will be pleasantly surprised with your winnings !!!!

MAY 12

Sooo sorry to all but the pic will be posted Tuesday......stay tuned.....also this time the winnings will be a surprise and this game is only open to our cash and carry customers. Thank you

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