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JUL 03

Good Friday morning to all. Have a safe and fun 4th of July !!!

JUN 10

Welcome !!!! Let's all come visit the newest hot spot in town !!

JUN 08

Happy Monday morning to everybody !!! Our game will probably begin next week !!! Are you ready to play ?

JUN 05

Hey everybody we just wanted to let you know that The Hindquarter House is opened even though there is road construction. Lets get out there and support John !!

MAY 27

We hope everybody had a GREAT weekend !!! Its back to the grind !! Our new game will begin the beginning of June........see you soon.

MAY 21

I have to apologize for not posting anything this week !!! :( You know that feeling when you are getting ready for vacation and your brain just isn't in work mode ?.........well there it is. Posting will resume next week...The store is OPEN... this is Darcie right now. Everybody have a great Memorial Weekend be safe and eat lots and most of all........don't forget to come shop at Foothill Foodservice !!!!! No really MOST important spend time with those you love !!!

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